Giraffe saved by president


marius giraffe saved by president at danish zoo

A giraffe facing death at a Danish zoo has been saved by Chechnya's leader Ramzan Kadyrov.

Jyllands Park zoo announced that seven-year-old Marius could be put down if it managed to acquire a female giraffe.

But the president of Chechnya offered the animal a home after global outrage when a first giraffe, also named Marius, was killed and fed to lions at Copenhagen Zoo, the Daily Telegraph reports.

According to The Guardian, Ramzan Kadyrov took to Instagram to save the animal.

He wrote: "I read the information about the fact that in Denmark they are going to end the life of another giraffe.

"On humanitarian grounds, I am ready to take Marius in. We can guarantee him good living conditions and care for his health."

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