'Dough Monster'! Recycling bin overflows with exploding pizza



A commuter's walk to work became a little more interesting on Tuesday morning when she happened upon a large bin with exploding pizza dough attempting to escape inside it.

Ailsa Burn-Murdoch tweeted the picture, which has gone viral, and instantly created the #doughmonster.

The Edinburgh resident was walking down the city's Crown Street when she saw the expanding dough spewing out of the bin outside Papa John's.

She wrote: "I have a feeling @PapaJohnsUK owe a local sanitation worker free pizza for a year." But she thanked the restaurant for "livening up my walk to work."

And, in response to the furore her pictured caused, she wrote: "Came out of a meeting to find I've created a monster. Also I now want pizza. Odd day. #doughmonster @PapaJohnsUK."

The pizza store responded to her, writing: "@ailsabm The bin has been cleaned of all dough. We've spoken to the store, this won't happen again. Thanks for bringing it to our attention."

To which she replied: "@PapaJohnsUK thanks for letting me know, though Leith could do with more tourist attractions!"

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