At last! Company invents 'full-face' snorkelling mask



Love snorkelling but hate that moment when water runs into your mouth and your mask completely fogs up? Well one company is set to change all that after inventing the first full-face snorkelling mask for breathing underwater as easily and naturally as you would on land - using both your nose and mouth. Hurrah.

French water sports brand Tribord invented the Easybreath Snorkelling Mask because they believe that breathing only through your mouth is unnatural, and the snorkel mouthpiece is too intrusive, uncomfortable and unhygienic.


Their innovative mask priced at 39.95 euros (£33) also offers users an unobstructed 180-degree field of vision, and is prevented from fogging up by a double air-flow system that is identical to the system used in domestic extraction fans.

To ensure that water does not enter via the snorkel, the Easybreath mask is equipped with a mechanism that plugs the top of the snorkel when immersed in water. Genius.

What's more, the top of the snorkel is highly visible in order to avoid any awkward collisions on the surface with fellow swimmers.

Right, time to book that trip to the Maldives...

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