Video: Did British surfer just conquer biggest wave ever ridden?


A British surfer is thought to have conquered a record-breaking wave of over 80ft in Portugal.

Andrew Cotton, 34, from Devon, may have beaten the 80ft wave he rode at the same spot just three months ago.

Atlantic storm Bridget hit the west coasts of Europe at the weekend, and Cotton headed back to Nazaré, where he was believed to have ridden an 80ft wave in October 2013.

This weekend's storm brought in a low pressure system that delivered huge swell, with predictions the waves would be even bigger than back in October.

Cotton's tow partner Garrett McNamara even flew in from Hawaii for the occasion.

He told the North Devon Journal: "It was victory at sea, really. I got one wave, as did Garrett.

"It was stormier, so way harder to drive the jet ski and surf. It was bordering on not surfable."

The daredevil did not want to guess the size of the wave, but local photographer Bruno Aleixo guessed it to be at least as big as his effort in October.

And, Cotton told the Daily Mail he felt he'd beaten his own record, too, saying: "To me, it felt like something I've never even seen before.

"I thought I'd reached the biggest three months ago - I never thought I'd beat that so soon."

The definitive ruling will come from the Billabong XXL judges in May after an expert panel examines all the entries in the Ride of the Year category of the 2014 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards.

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