Diver bleeds to death after cutting himself on Costa Concordia wreck


diver Israel Franco Moreno bleeds to death while working on costa concordia cruise ship wreck

A 40-year-old diver bled to death after cutting himself while working on the Costa Concordia wreck in Italy.

Israel Franco Moreno, from Spain, reportedly became entangled underwater.

According to Sky News, Italy's La Nazione newspaper said he gashed his leg on a metal sheet and could not get it free.

He was reportedly conscious when a colleague brought him to the surface but later died.

A spokesman for salvage firm Titan Micoperi told the Daily Mirror: "Sadly a Spanish diver has died this afternoon following an accident during underwater operations on the site.

"The exact dynamic is being investigated. The men and women of the consortium (Titan Micoperi) express their closeness to the family of their deceased colleague."

Costa Concordia capsized off the Italian island of Giglio two years ago killing 32 passengers and crew.

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