How to pack a suitcase: tips (video)

The Coolest Travel Hacks

With all the airline luggage restrictions in place these days, packing a suitcase has become an art in itself, but worry not: this 'travel hacks' video show some clever ways to save space when you pack. You probably know already that rolling up your clothes instead of folding them saves space, as does storing your socks in your shoes, but this video has lots of handy tips besides, including clever ways to hide your valuables and how to store wine. Which of these work and which don't? We want your opinions!

Tell us your tips for packing and we'll include them below. Here's a tip from AOL Travel reader Alison Yates to start you off:

"Use a sunglasses case to pack phone chargers - it makes them easy to find and they don't get tangled up." (via Facebook)

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