Man uses first class ticket to eat free airport food for a year


A man in China used one Eastern China Airlines first class ticket to get free airport meals in the VIP lounge at Xi'an Airport for a year.

According to Fox News, the man would show staff his ticket, hang out in the first class lounge and eat the food, then instead of getting on the flight he would change his flight's departure to another day.

Staff members discovered what the man was up to when they found he had changed his flight itinerary more than 300 times within a year so he could enjoy the facilities at the airport in Shaanxi, reports

The Metro adds that he was even able to cancel his ticket and get a full refund after his plan was foiled.

The news comes just a few months after a 13-year old girl obsessed with flying spent two months dressed as a flight attendant at a Chinese airport without being detected by security.

Luo Siqi has been roaming around the Guangzhou Baiyun International airport wearing a fake China Southern Airlines air hostess outfit since July, reports the South China Morning Post.

She went for weeks unnoticed until she was eventually spotted by security and questioned by police.

Weird things you can do at the airport

Weird things you can do at the airport

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