Video: Motorist punches cyclist in London road rage attack


A video of a motorist getting out of his car on a London road to punch a cyclist in the face has been causing a stir online.

Another cyclist caught the moment on camera and uploaded it to YouTube.

He wrote: "Driver of white Audi KW13 CWA possibly runs over cyclist's foot at traffic lights, then passenger punches cyclist when confronted. Filmed on a Sony Action Cam during a review for Sports Performance & Tech Magazine."

The incident took place at the junction of Farringdon and Clerkenwell Roads on 23 January, at 9.15am, reports the Metro.

The footage shows a white Audi pulling into an advance stop line, a space at traffic lights designated to give cyclists a head-start on motorists.

The cyclist tells the driver: "This is a cycle area", before the driver speeds off, reportedly running over the cyclist's foot.

The cyclist chases after the vehicle, followed by the cameraman, and catches up with the car at the next set of traffic lights.

The cyclist then leans towards the window of the car and swears at the man, before saying: "You ran over my foot mate."

The driver or passenger then gets out of the car, punches the cyclist in the face and pushes him into a black cab.

According to the Mirror, the cameraman said: "I have reported this to the police, I am trying to find the cyclist as I tried to tell him I had it on video, but he looked pretty dazed."

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