Photos: Tiger bumps head while chasing meat underwater



A hungry tiger was almost left with a roaring headache - after nearly colliding into a pane of glass as it dived underwater for a slab of meat.

The tiger leapt through the air ferociously splashing into the water after its dinner.

But as the bubbles cleared he realised he was too eager and had to use his paw to stop him going face first into the glass - grimacing as he neared a painful landing.

The brilliant pictures, shot by Pam Wood from Corralitos in California, USA, was snapped as staff at a California animal park - which didn't want to be named - were throwing food into the water as part of an animal display.

Pam said the tigers seemed more than happy as they swam around for their dinner allowing her to capture some stunning images of the big cat - believed to weigh around 500 pounds - in a variety of natural poses.

She told Caters News: "There were a couple of tigers participating in the stunt and they looked hungry - as soon as I saw this happening I quickly shot off a few photos and crossed my fingers because shooting through glass can be very difficult.

"It must of been one of those 'PhotoKarma' moments as I was rewarded with these shots, the main one I call 'One Lucky Shot' which has won some awards.

"I'm not a supporter of animals being used in the entertainment industry but these tigers were in a nice environment and seemed to enjoy the interaction and I'm sure it helped with the boredom of captivity."

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