Violent freak lightning storm batters Britain (pictures)


Britain was battered by a freak electrical storm on Saturday, which brought huge streaks of lightning and enormous hailstones to many parts of the country.

At around 3pm, torrential rain, thunder, and lightning hit the country, and many people caught the scene on camera, sharing the pics on social media, reports the Mirror.

According to the Daily Mail, thunderstorms struck in London, the Midlands, and into East Anglia, with winds reaching 50mph.

Rail passengers and motorists faced delays as trees toppled onto train tracks, and the Met Office issued severe weather warnings.

One user, AngelTR4, posted a picture of a golfball-sized hailstone, writing:

Over in Somerset, Benjamin Norris captured ferocious-looking forks of lightning streaking through the sky. He wrote on Instagram:" Taking pictures of the lightning #ThunderStorm #Lightning."

Twitter user Louiise72 caught a massive fork of lightning streaking across the sky in Birmingham.
And, warn experts, the crazy weather doesn't stop there. According to the Metro, forecaster are predicting more heavy rain across south west England through Monday and Tuesday and more flooding in areas already hit by storms.

The paper says the Met Office has issued an amber warning for the south west, while the Environment Agency has issued more than 100 flood alerts and 10 more serious flood warnings.

Weird weather and strange phenomena around the world

Weird weather and strange phenomena around the world

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