Winter is here! SNOW and temperatures of -5 to hit UK


The recent mild but wet weather will this week be replaced by freezing temperatures as a low pressure system moving in over the Atlantic could pull in a cold snap from the Arctic.

Night time temperatures will plummet to -5 while even snow is expected to fall in some parts of Britain.

Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel, told Aol Travel: "There's a snow risk at first on Sunday, mainly in higher parts of the Pennines and northwards, but then it will turn colder more generally on Sunday night, with a snow risk across Wales, Midlands and much of northern Britain

"On Monday morning areas from Norfolk and Lincolnshire northwards across northern England to Scotland could wake up to a few centimetres of snow, with five to 10cm over higher parts of northern England.

Next week looks drier and a bit colder, with winds from the east or north east from Tuesday to Thursday. "There will be some wintry showers at times moving from the east," says Leon.

"By Friday there is a risk of snow even at lower levels across the northern half of the country and rain in the south, although there could be snow over the Midlands too."

Leon added: "Next week, a deep area of low pressure will move southwards with a cold, very windy and showery weather pattern at first. The showers will be wintry with snow over higher hills and perhaps to lower levels for a time in the north.

"The end of next week could see the colder weather over Scandinavia reach us with night frosts, although the Atlantic weather systems could possibly hold the colder weather back."

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