Passenger flies plane after pilot blacks out


A passenger of a small plane had a terrifying experience when he was forced to take the controls after the pilot blacked out in Australia.

An Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) spokesman said the pilot and two passengers were flying over Forbes, in central wear NSW, in a Cessna 150 shortly after 1pm on Saturday local time.

According to theSydney Morning Herald, the spokesman said: "The pilot became incapacitated and the passenger was in the aircraft looking after things for a time. I don't know how long."

The passenger managed to get in touch with air traffic control, who gave him instructions to circle the plane and dump fuel in preparation for an emergency landing.

However, the pilot came round and managed to land the plane safely himself.

Another aircraft was sent up to help guide the plane into land. Detective Sergeant Steve Howard said the passenger had little flying experience.

He told "They were given some guidance as to how to bring the plane back in towards the airport.

"Fortunately, very fortunately during that time, the pilot did regain consciousness.

"I do believe the passenger had some prior experience in the plane and had landed the plane with some assistance in the past, but we were just very fortunate that the pilot did come to."

An ambulance arrived on the scene to find him conscious but suffering with chest pains. He was flown to Orange Base Hospital for treatment and is in a stable condition.

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