Photos: Villagers use cable car with 1,200ft drop for daily commute


Fancy a cable ride with a 1,200ft drop as your daily commute?

A group of Chinese villagers prefer that to the extra two hours it takes to travel by road from their home.

The Yin'ge 'strop ropeway' is said to be the world's longest and tallest.

It is 360 metres above the Jinsha River and connects villages at opposite mountains 440 metres away.

Built in 1999, it's co-sponsored by 10 families in Ying'ge village, southwest China's Yunnan Province and connects to Fengjiaping village, Sichuan Province, on the opposite mountain.

Although there is a paved road connecting the two villages, local residents on both sides still use the ropeway because it's more economical and time-saving.

One resident told Rex Features: "The road transportation takes five hours, while the ropeway takes 10 minutes, plus three hours road way."

Originally, people in the ropeway's transportation cage had to pull themselves along the rope strung between the mountains.

However, in recent years the ropeway was upgraded and is now engine controlled. A one-way journey on the ropeway costs five yuan for locals and 10 yuan (£1) for everyone else.

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