Cute! Lion plays ice hockey with zookeeper as exhibit pond freezes over


One lion tackled the problem of a frozen pond head on - and got his paws into playing hockey with zookeepers.

Sterk the lion has dazzled on the frozen floor with his remarkable moves - even though his 30st weight cracks the surface.

The 18-month-old male has become the star attraction of chilly Canadian zoo Oaklawn Farm, as visitors flock to watch him take on zookeepers in a game of one-on-one.

And hockey-mad fans have watched in awe as the talented feline poses more than a tough opponent for zookeepers.

These images were taken last week when the pond in his enclosure froze over as temperatures plummeted well below freezing.

A spokesman for the zoo told Caters News: "Sterk really appreciates the company of his human friends, who come to play with him every day.

"In the summer months we play soccer and Frisbee but during the winter months we enjoy playing on his frozen pond.

"Sterk enjoyed the ice when the pond first started to freeze and it would make cracking noises under his weight.

"He loved the sound it made and spent a lot of time playing there, soon the hockey stick was brought in - and he soon got the hang of things."

Fortunately, if mighty Sterk did crack the ice, he wouldn't have far to fall as it's only two-feet deep.

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