Can you spot a famous face on this bug's back?


A photographer was left speechless after spotting the face of Hitler on the back of an insect.

Subbu Sullia, 29, noticed immediately that the cotton bug had a distinct pattern on its back.

On closer inspection, he realised the black markings formed a unique moustache and hair line resembling the former German leader.

Subbu, from Bangalore, India, began snapping away at the bug in his back garden, but said it quickly ran away making it difficult to capture its most Fuhrer-like pose.

He told Caters News: "I was clicking away at butterflies in our garden and suddenly I spotted the bug running on soil.

"It had what I thought was a mask kind of pattern on its body which drew my attention.

"It looked like Hitler because of the distinct moustache pattern."

World's strangest animals

World's strangest animals

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