Fighter pilot rescued from tree after ejecting before plane crash


The pilot of a German army Tornado fighter plane was left hanging in a tree with a parachute after his plane crashed near Koblenz, western Germany.

The accident occurred around 20.30 on 16 January shortly after taking off from the nearby Büchel airbase. .

The pilot and the co-pilot were slightly injured after being ejected with parachutes before the plane crashed.

Neither of the men needed hospital treatment, but one of them landed in a tree and was left stuck there until emergency services could get to the scene.

The Tornado jet came down in a wooded area of the Eifel region, and left debris strewn all over a main highway, which had to be closed.

According to, a spokesman for the airforce said: "I've spoken with both pilots. They are doing fine."

The crash occurred during a training exercise, and a spokesman for the German army said the incident was under investigation, reports the Daily Mail.

See more in the video below:

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