Funniest late airport arrival excuses revealed

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Isifa Image Service/REX (927282a) YOUNG MAN HURRYING AT THE AIRPORT. Various

Ever nearly missed a flight and given airport staff a really silly excuse as to why you were late? Perhaps you got drunk at an airport bar, set your watch to Brazil time or stopped in a layby to "get intimate" with your partner...

A new survey by reveals the funniest (and unlikeliest) excuses given by British holidaymakers who were late for flights and almost missed their plane.

When asked, 'Have you ever almost missed a flight when flying to or back from a holiday destination abroad?' more than one fifth (22 per cent) of 1,754 adults taking part said 'yes'.

These people were asked what excuse they had given airport staff for being late and, lucky for us, some of them were pretty funny and outrageous.

Read the top ten funniest late arrivals excuses given at airports below - and add yours in the comments too and we'll include the best!

Funniest late airport arrival excuses

Funniest late airport arrival excuses

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