Girl, 11, forced to pay for adult bus ticket because she couldn't prove she was under 16


Ross Parry/Steven Schofield Picture shows  - 11 year old Megan Harris, who has to carry her passport when she catches the bus to school in York, after a bus driver refused to believe she was under 16 years of age. Megan had to use her lunch money to pay the difference for a full price bus ticket. SEE COPY RPYBUS A dad has hit out after his 11-year-old daughter was forced to use her lunch money to pay for a bus ticket - after the bus driver refused to sell her a child's ticket because she didn't have any ID.  Baby-faced schoolgirl Megan Harris, was trying to buy a #7 child's weekly pass on her way to school in York on Monday January 6 when the grumpy bus driver asked her to prove she was just 11, despite her school uniform.  Because she had no proof of age, the First bus company driver told Megan she would have to buy an adult ticket - costing her #5 extra and leaving her with no lunch money for the day.  When All Saints School pupil Megan arrived home starving that evening, she told dad-of-five Steve, 45, what had happened - and the fuming father has now had to send her to school with her PASSPORT to prove she's under 16.  Steve, who runs minibus hire company Anytime Travel in York with 45-year-old wife Janine, told:

An 11-year-old schoolgirl was forced to buy an adult bus ticket because she did not have proof that she was under 16.

Megan Harris tried to purchase a £7 weekly child's pass in York when the driver of the bus, run by First, asked for prof, even though she was wearing her school uniform.

According to the Daily Mail, Megan had nothing to show and was forced to buy the adult ticket for £5 extra, leaving her with no lunch money for the day.

Her father Steve told the Daily Mail: "Obviously the bus driver was just having a bad day - the bus company have said it's up to a driver's discretion to judge a child's age.

"I can kind of see their point if it's a pupil who's 15 or 16, perhaps they could look like an adult, but Megan is by no means tall for her age."

A First spokesman told the Mail that the matter will be investigated.

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