Hotel manager sacked after Fawlty Towers-style rants at guests on Tripadvisor


A hotel manager has been sacked after posting scathing responses to guests who wrote bad reviews about The Georgian House Hotel in Glasgow on Tripadvisor.

Virginia Giovanni wrote a number of responses to reviews on the site that have incurred comparisons with Basil Fawlty, the fictional hotel manager who ranted at difficult guests on the hit show Fawlty Towers.

The budget hotel starts at £20 for a night and is situated in Glasgow's West End. Its website reads: "The rooms are clean, bright and comfortable and offer great value for money. If you are looking for a cheap hotel in the very best location in Glasgow you have found it!"

But many guests disagreed and took to Tripadvisor to say so.

According to the Daily Record, following his stay, one guest wrote: "Arrived at 18:00 to find nobody home and stood on the doorstep for an hour waiting for the manager to return.

"Then given a twin room instead of the double booked. The room in the ­basement did not have any windows, they were blocked by shutters which I could not open."

Posing as the hotel's owner, Giovanni replied: "What do you expect? You pay little, you get cheap. We are a budget hotel. Get real."

Another guests gave the hotel a one-star rating and wrote: "Would I use this place again? Only if the horses from hell dragged me there."

Giovanni responded: "Thanks for your money, sucker. Long may the idiot line continue."

The hotel's owner, Elizabeth Morris, confirmed to the Mirror that Giovanni had been sacked over the incident.

A hotel spokesman told the paper: "Basically, it was an errant member of staff. The woman put the comments on, making out that she was the owner.

"Elizabeth is writing to guests who stayed over that period to apologise."

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