Stark raving mad? Naked climber scales Welsh peak

Naked Dan Arkle scales icy mountain in Wales
Naked Dan Arkle scales icy mountain in Wales

An intrepid climber has scaled an icy mountain to pose completely naked at its peak.

Dan Arkle climbed Crib Goch near Snowdon, North Wales, in the depth of winter and shed his clothes to embrace the dawn starkers.

The 35-year-old photographer climbed the freezing mountain by torchlight, using an ice axe and crampons to reach the highest ridge.

He drove from his home in Sheffield, South Yorks, through the night to Snowdonia and climbed the mountain alone to reach his destination by sunrise.

Dan said: "One of the reasons people go into the mountains is for a feeling of awe at being surrounded by powerful and elemental forces.

"I wanted to highlight how weak and vulnerable humans are in such a place without modern technology and protective equipment.

"It was surprisingly mild at just below zero with no wind which is a good job as I was worried about getting frostbite and not just on my feet.

"I walked a few hundred yards naked until my feet got too cold, it felt very free to not be weighed down by my usual equipment and to feel the snow crunching between my toes.

"There was a huge sheer drop to each side so I needed to go very slowly and carefully."

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