Passenger plane in near-miss with UFO near Heathrow


File photo dated 12/04/12 of a plane taking of as a short-list of options for extra runways at UK airports is set to be included in the first report of the Government-appointed Airports Commission this week.

A passenger plane was involved in a near-miss with a UFO while flying near Heathrow Airport.

The pilot of the jet reported a 'rugby-ball'-shaped UFO passing within a few feet of the plane, the Daily Telegraph reports.

In a UK Airprox Board report, the captain said the object was going to crash into his aircraft, so he ducked as it headed towards him.

After composing himself and contacting air traffic controllers to report the incident, the pilot said there was no sign of the object.

The mysterious object has not been identified by investigators.

Where to go to spot a UFO

Where to go to spot a UFO

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