Flight cancelled over dirty nappy


Mandatory Credit: Photo by Sarah Monte/WestEnd61/REX (738520a)
Stacked diapers pacifier on top

A flight was cancelled after being delayed for hours when a dirty nappy clogged the plane toilet.

Passengers were put up in hotels when the United Airlines flight, from Phoenix, Arizona to Cleveland, Ohio was cancelled.

Traveller Rick Milligan told Fox8: "They didn't tell us what it was right up front, but the word started slowly leaking out, I shouldn't use that word with what we're deeming 'diaper gate'

"I don't think anybody should be that ignorant that they would put a diaper down the toilet of an airplane."

An airline spokesman told UPI: "A blockage occurred in the lavatory, which caused several of the lavatories on the airplane to become inoperable.

"We realised we would have to cancel the flight in order to fix the aircraft."

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