BA plane crashes into building as it taxis at airport in South Africa


A British Airways plane carrying 182 passengers crashed into a building while taxiing at Johannesburg Airport in South Africa on Sunday night.

The BA flight to London clipped the building with its right wing, injuring four people inside.

According to the BBC, South Africa's Civil Aviation Authority said the Boeing 747-400 was travelling down a taxi-way that was too narrow for it.

Passenger John Hart told the BBC: "We were just taxiing along and then boom!"

Harriet Tolputt, Oxfam's head of Media, who was on the flight, tweeted: "BA plane crashes into building at J Burg airport. No one injured only the pilot's pride ... Not impressed that first class passengers get off before premium economy during an emergency."

The Independent reports that an airport spokesman said no-one was seriously injured but the plane was damaged and passengers were taken off the flight to spend the night in a hotel.

BA tweeted: "One of our aircraft was damaged whilst taxiing at JNB airport. All 182 passengers disembarked safely with no reported injuries onboard."

15 flights from hell

15 flights from hell

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