Plane and helicopter in near-miss above London


City Jet Avro RJ taking off from London City Airport (LCY), UK, on May 18, 2010. Photo by Etienne de Malglaive/ABACAPRESS.COM

A plane and helicopter were involved in a near-miss above London after miscommunication between air traffic controllers.

The Daily Mirror reports that the incident on 22 June saw the plane leave London City Airport as a helicopter flew just 30 metres above it.

According to the Daily Mirror, an UK Airprox Board report read: "The Thames controller was busy when London City telephoned and one other aircraft called whilst the telephone call was being conducted.

"It is likely that Thames misheard London City due to a combination of being distracted by the other tasks and the other aircraft calling at the same time, making the telephone call more difficult to hear."

In October, two packed passenger planes were just 100ft from crashing over Scotland because all four pilots misheard their flight instructions, a report revealed.

The two Boeing 747s, carrying 1,000 passengers between them, were 30 miles north of Glasgow and preparing to cross the Atlantic when an air traffic controller spotted they were getting closer together.

15 flights from hell

15 flights from hell

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