Pictures: The USA's most iconic attractions


Cape Royal Viewpoint at Sunset North Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA United States of America

Wondering where to go on your next holiday to the USA? From the bright lights of Las Vegas to the soaring majesty of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, there's so much to see in America that it would take more than a lifetime to explore it thoroughly. Endless highways cutting through barren desert landscapes; soaring peaks, green valleys huge complex urban jungles with towering skyscrapers... where to begin and what to see is your only problem.

Think of the USA and you can't help but think in icons: the Statue of Liberty, the Hollywood sign, the Empire State Building... the list goes on. We've put together an image gallery of the 10 most iconic attractions to add to your travel list, with the help of Contiki Holidays. Remember to tell us what we've left out and we'll add it!

USA's most iconic attractions

USA's most iconic attractions

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