Pensioner attacked by pig 'as big as a bear' in Devon


Mandatory Credit: Photo by FLPA/REX (3272323a) Domestic Pig, British Saddleback, freerange boar, wallowing in mud, close-up of head, Cumbria, England, july Nature

A woman was attacked by a 600lb pig in the woods near her home in Devon.

Mary Smith, 74, was feeding her friend's pigs when the huge animal, described by her husband as being "as big as a bear," smashed through a fence and attacked her, the Exeter Express & Echo reports.

Mary was left with a broken leg and arm, and was in shock after the hungry pig set on her.

She told the Exeter Express & Echo: "I can't be totally sure now but I think there were two pigs, a big boar and some young pigs.

"I was stuck in the mud and couldn't move and they trampled over me."

Mrs Smith managed to get out and called her husband. She was taken to hospital and spent 12 days there before being released.

In 2006, a woman was savaged by a giant pig which charged the horse she was riding in the New Forest, Hampshire.

The Daily Mail reports that Carolyn Robinson, 51, was thrown to the ground and suffered broken ribs from the fall. The animal mauled Robinson and snapped at her legs before it was finally driven off by passers-by.

World's deadliest animals

World's deadliest animals

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