Plane slides off runway in the snow at US airport


Authorities investigate the scene of a Delta Air Lines Boeing 737-800 jet that slid off a runway in the snow after arriving at Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, Wis., Monday, Dec. 16, 2013. No one was hurt. (AP Photo/Wisconsin State Journal, M.P. King)

A Delta Air Lines flight carrying 60 passengers slid off a runway at an airport in Wisconsin, America on Monday.

According to AP, no one was hurt after the Boeing 737 came in contact with snow at Dane County Regional Airport in Madison.

Passengers were taken off the plane and took a bus to the terminal.

Morgan Durrant, spokesman for the airline, told CNN that as the plane landed, it left the paved surface and "came in contact with snow adjacent to the runway during taxi away from the runway."

15 flights from hell

15 flights from hell

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