Video: Longboarder crashes into herd of cows


An experienced longboarder got more than she bargained for when she was enjoying a thrill-seeking ride down a rural road - and a herd of cows walked out into her path.

Amanda Roden set off for a high-speed trip down Maryhill Loops Road in Goldendale, Washington, which is the regular venue for longboarding's International Downhill Federation World Cup Series each year.

The road is privately owned and closed to vehicles, but unfortunately Miss Roden hadn't counted on cows wandering into her path, either.

Miss Roden has no time to avoid the animals, and ends up careering into a cow's behind.

But, according to, neither the animals or the Amanda were hurt, and in fact she headed straight back to the top for another trip after the incident.

A longboard is greater in size (both length and width) than its smaller counterpart, the skateboard, and has more stability, traction and durability.

The angles at which some longboards can turn, as well as their ability to coast long distances make them more suitable for cruising on streets than regular skateboards.

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