Man bitten on penis by snake on toilet in Ghana


A man got a nasty surprise when he was bitten on the penis by a snake while going to the toilet in Ghana.

Kwabena Nkrumah, 34, was sitting on a public loo in Faaman, in the Ashanti region, last Wednesday when he felt a sharp pain on the tip of his manhood, reports the Daily Mail.

He looked down to see that a big black snake had emerged from the toilet bowl and bitten him on his penis.

According to the NY Daily News, Nkrumah nearly fainted when he spotted his attacker was about to strike again.

He screamed out "snake, snake, snake", reportedly causing panic in the building.

He was taken to hospital after feeling sick and dizzy, and has since been discharged.

According to Ghana Web, Nkrumah recounted his terrifying experience on Kessben FMs Breaking News programme. He told Ali Baba, host of the show, that he initially thought the pain he felt was normal until he saw the black snake lying just beneath him.

He added that he was now feeling better.

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