New island in Japan created by volcanic eruption 'triples in size'


An new island in Japan that was created by by a volcanic eruption last month has tripled in size since its creation.

The island is located 621 miles south of Tokyo, close to the Ogasawara archipelago, and was formed from lava that cooled and solidified above sea level after a undersea volcanic eruption on 20 November.

According to Japan's Coast Guard the island has grown 3.7 times since it emerged, and experts say it is now 300 metres long and 250 metres wide, reports the Voice of Russia.

Agency official Tomoyuki Kano told the Daily Telegraph: "As the volcanic eruption is still continuing, we don't know the fate of the island.

"But it won't disappear in days or weeks and will probably last for several years... unless a huge volcanic eruption happens and blows it apart."

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