The world's most dangerous insects

AJJJFH underside of a Puss caterpillar genus Megalopyge with toxic poisonous spines

Insect bites can ruin a holiday, but count yourself lucky if all you get is a nasty nip from a mosquito. There are a lot worse out there, with all sorts of dangerous insects with bites that can be life-threatening, from the furry-but-deadly to the tiny-yet-terrifying.

But don't be fooled by appearances: Some of the most potent insects look rather unassuming. If you thought ants were harmless, for example, you were wrong. Australia's bull ant can spot you from a metre away and its bite can kill a human in next to no time. Best not to encounter one if possible.

Then there are those that you'd really run a mile from, like the giant hornet which killed 28 people in 2013 in Asia.

And if you thought living in the UK meant you were safe from deadly creepy crawlies, think again!

Want to know which insects to avoid at all costs? See some of the scariest, most dangerous insects around the world in the slideshow below.

World's deadliest insects

World's deadliest insects

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