Almost half of Brits wishing for White Christmas, survey reveals


A young boy discovers the traditional way for delivering  presents this Christmas in Husthwaite near Easingwold, as further heavy snowfalls in the area made a white Christmas almost certain.   * With only two days to go to December 25, the PA WeatherCentre said there was a 90% chance of a white Christmas, with Scotland and northern England the most likely.

Britons have expressed their true feelings about the prospect of a White Christmas this year and almost half of UK adults have said they would like it to snow where they live this Christmas.

A new survey by The Weather Channel found that while 49 per cent are wishing for snow, 45 per cent of British adults worry it would cause havoc to their travel plans.

The poll revealed that households with children have a stronger desire to see snowflakes falling. 72 per cent of households with three or more children hope it will snow this Christmas, compared to 47 per cent of adults who have no children in the household.

For 33 per cent of respondents, a White Christmas on their doorstep is believed to be likely, with more Northerners (43 per cent) than Southerners (28 per cent) thinking they are likely to see snow in their area during the Christmas period.

Although a majority of British adults would like it to snow for Christmas, almost 90 per cent of Brits would not travel abroad to ensure they experience Christmas in snowy climes, even if they could afford to.

Kirsty McCabe, meteorologist and TV presenter, said: "Although the picture-perfect vision of the festive season is one sprinkled with snow, this research reveals how the UK is split on dreaming of a White Christmas this year.

"In the last 53 years, a snowflake has fallen on Christmas Day 38 times, with our last White Christmas occurring in 2010. Statistically the odds are in our favour this year, but of course it is too early to say until a few days before."

Would you like it to snow this Christmas? And would you ever go somewhere hot for the festive period or do you prefer a traditional British Christmas? Leave a comment and let us know below.

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