Britain braced for Arctic storm with 90mph gales and snow


Britain is bracing itself for a short, sharp Arctic plunge from Wednesday that will bring snow, 90mph gales and bitter blizzards.

The north of England and Scotland will bear the brunt of it, but temperatures across the UK will drop to around -4C, and snow could hit in many parts by Friday.

According to the Daily Mail, the Met Office has issued a severe weather warning for gales on Thursday for northern areas of the UK, and a yellow snow warning for Scotland into Friday.

Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel, told Aol Travel: "A short Arctic blast will end this week, then dry and frosty next week.

"A deep area of low pressure will move eastwards past northern Scotland to southern Norway on Thursday. Gales for northern Britain on Thursday morning and severe gales for a time over the north and west of Scotland. Gusts may reach 80mph, and over 100mph over the higher mountains in Scotland. Blizzards over the Highlands in Scotland too.

"The gales moving out over the North Sea on Thursday afternoon.

"Snows showers over northern Scotland on Thursday night and Friday, and a few sleet and snow showers for north Wales and north west Midlands. Accumulations as much as 5cm to 10cm over the north of Scotland but very little elsewhere. Much of the UK enjoying a clear, cold and sunny day on Friday.

"A widespread frost on Saturday morning as winds become light and skies clear. Temperatures as low as -2 to -4C central and southern Britain, but -8 to -12C is possible in central Scotland where there is snow on the ground.

"Less cold in the north by next Sunday, but southern Britain may see an even colder night with temperatures as low as -4 to -6C on Sunday morning.

"Next week looks like staying dry and frosty across the UK under a large high pressure system covering west Europe."

Speaking to the Express, Dan Williams from the Met Office said many parts of the UK could see snow by Friday: "A low pressure system is set to move across the UK with a large part of the country in for strong winds from Wednesday.

"Nowhere should be surprised to see some snow or hail by Friday with up to 20cm (8ins) expected over high ground. Cold air is being pulled down from the Arctic direction from Thursday."

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