Video: Woman bites off man's lip in horrifying Oktoberfest fight


WARNING: Graphic Content

The horrifying moment an Alaskan woman bit off an Australian man's lip during an argument at Oktoberfest has been caught on camera.

The woman and man, both in traditional dress, are seen getting into an argument at the famous beer festival in Munich, Germany, with the man apparently antagonising her before she throws a few punches.

They appear to push each other around a bit before she lunges at the man and clamps down on his bottom lip.

Friends of the man try unsuccessfully to get the woman away from him and, according to the Daily Mail, she eventually ripped a part of his lip off before spitting it on the floor.

She was later arrested while the man had to have emergency surgery to have his lip reattached, reports the Metro.

According to, the incident was first reported in the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

It said: "A 30-year-old woman from Alaska bit the lower lip off a 23-year-old Australian Friday afternoon in the Hofbrautent ... The Alaskan refused to take a breathalyser and a blood sample was accordingly drawn. She is in police custody for criminal assault."

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