UFO sighting at Devon wind farm? Multiple witnesses spot eerie lights


Multiple witnesses in Devon have reported unusual aerial sightings after a photographer captured photos of a mysterious object in the sky over Fullabrook wind farm.

Rob Tibbles, of the North Devon Journal, snapped images of a grey-coloured oval-shaped UFO, the Huffington Post reports.

Tibbles took the photos unintentionally while capturing the wind farm, which is located between Barnstaple and Ilfracombe.

According to the Daily Mail, other residents across the southwest have spoken about spotting objects in the sky since Tibbles' photos were published.

Matt Naughton, from Devon, said: "Driving to Torrington on Thursday night, I saw strange bright lights in the sky and the car had flashes of blue in it. Very creepy!"

Erica Whiteley reported her husband had seen something unusual above Fullabrook: "He spotted a strange bright object in the sky on Friday evening at about 5 p.m., looking from Swimbridge across to Barnstaple in the direction of the wind turbines."

And Jacqueline Leighton Boyce, of Dulverton, told the North Devon Journal: "I too saw a strange, very large bright thing in the sky on Saturday, Nov. 23 about dusk time."

Boyce managed to film the light and a friend took the video and slowed it down.

Watch Jacqueline Leighton Boyce's video below:

Where to go to spot a UFO

Where to go to spot a UFO

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