Tube's excess heat will be used to warm London homes


A Northern Line tube train leaves Belsize Park Underground station in London.

Engineers have found a use for the heat generated in the London Underground - a new way to warm up London's homes.

In a pioneering new deal, 500 homes in Islington will be warmed up by the excess heat from the Northern Line.

According to ITV News, the project is the first of its kind in Europe and will be run through the Bunhill Heat and Power heat network.

Matthew Pencharz, the Mayor of London's Senior Advisor on Environment and Energy, told the Daily Mail: "We need to do everything possible to create a more secure, cost-effective and sustainable heat and power supply for London.

"By supporting locally sourced energy and heat networks which can reduce bills and lower carbon emissions, we can not only save money but also drive innovation, jobs and growth in this burgeoning sector."

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