Justin Bieber asked to clean up hotel graffiti


Bieber Spraypaints Hotel And Tries Surfing Down Under

Justin Bieber has been asked to remove the graffiti he left on a hotel wall in Australia.

The pop star was given permission by the QT Gold Coast to spray-paint cartoons on its walls during his tour in Australia, but Gold Coast mayor Tom Tate said the singer is sending the wrong message to young fans.

Speaking to the Courier-Mail, Tate said: "We've all been young once. But by the sounds of it, he's gone and done something really, really silly.

"But he's got an opportunity to make good ... (and) I urge him to treat this city the way Gold Coast fans treat him."

On its Facebook page, the QT Hotel defended its decision to allow the star to leave graffiti on its walls.

"We are stoked to have Justin Bieber's artwork on our wall," the hotel wrote.

Justin posted a snap of his work on Instagram and has received 584,000 likes for his designs.
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