Which UK town is the 'sexiest'? New 'sex map' reveals top 10


The UK's top 10 sexiest towns have been revealed - thanks to a new interactive sex map.

And, no, the top love spot isn't London - in fact, England's capital doesn't even make it in the top 10.

Bangor, a seaside resort near Belfast, is where people spend the most money on spicing up their sex lives, according to the Metro.

And, reports the Belfast Telegraph, the County Down folk are a saucy lot, with Newry and Newtownards also featuring in the list.

A new survey by adult entertainment specialists Lovehoney has revealed the residents of Bangor spend 6.7 times the national average on kickstarting their sex lives, including 10 times the national average on fetish clothing for women.

And, spending 1.3 times the national average, Wales and Scotland share joint first place for the sexiest region.

The top 10 sexiest towns in the UK are:

1 Bangor
2 Durham
3 Newtownards
4 Norwich
5 Bishop Auckland
6 Cambridge
7 Newry
8 Nottingham
9 Lincoln
10 Southampton

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