Swimmer drowned in lake just six inches out of his depth after 'suffering cramp'


A swimmer drowned in a Welsh lake while he was just six inches out of his depth after suffering an attack of cramp.

Benjamin Morgan, 26, from Penbontrhydybeddau, near Penrhyncoch, was making the most of a hot day at Llyn Syfydrin, near Aberystwyth, Wales, on the 26 August Bank Holiday Monday.

His mother, Sarah Jane, was watching as he swam towards a grassy island, but she turned away for a second and when she looked back he had disappeared.

She said he had been about 20 metres from shore when she last saw him.

Coroner for Ceredigion, Peter Brunton said, on the balance of probability, Benjamin had suffered a sudden attack of cramp.

According to the Cascade News he added: "That is the only reasonable explanation. The onset would be very sudden, and incapacitating.

"He was six to eight inches out of his depth, that is all, but sufficient if unable to continue swimming."

Emergency services searched the lake that day, but could not find him.

The next day, North West Underwater Search Team diver PC Hefin Morgan, found Ben's body face down at the bottom of the lake.

An inquest heard that was 5ft 10in and that he was found at a depth of 6ft 2in.

Sergeant Sian Davies said the weather had been fine, and the water was not rough, but that there had been a strong current that day.

Ben had a twin brother, Daniel, and had been learning woodland skills at WiseWoods Wales sawmills, Llanfarian.

The coroner said Ben had drowned and recorded a verdict of accidental death.

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