Disneyland Paris worker restrained after trying to set himself on fire


A suicidal Disneyland Paris worker had to be restrained after trying to set himself on fire after he was called to a meeting with theme park bosses.

The National Union of Autonomous Trade Unions (Unsa), a French confederation of trade unions, has said it is looking into the incident, which occurred last month.

Patrick Maldidier, an Unsa representative, told the Independent: "He emptied a barrel of petrol over his head and took a lighter to set fire... But a colleague jumped on him at the last moment, preventing him from committing the irreparable."

The union has sent a letter to Disneyland Paris saying it has opened its own investigation into the incident. The letter warns of a " deterioration of the social climate which is noticed by us as well as the employees within the company".

It added: "We believe that this deterioration is related to changes in working conditions. This deterioration of the social climate is also accentuated by an absence of dialogue and a sharp increase in disciplinary sanctions."

Unsa also says they are planning to file a complaint against Disneyland Paris.

The incident took place on 18 October and the man is being closely monitored. A spokesman for Disneyland Paris said the park was "saddened" by the man's actions, reports the Daily Mail.

Back in 2010, two chefs who worked at the theme park took their own lives. A Disney investigation found no evidence of work harassment after the first suicide, and it was said the second was not work-related.

The latest news comes as Disneyland visitor figures for 2013 were found to be a million less than in 2012.

And, just last month, a five-year-old was left in a critical condition after falling from a ride at Disneyland Paris.

The boy was on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride with his father when he fell out of the boat towards the end of the ride.

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