Man with knife in hand luggage boards plane undetected TWICE


A passenger was surprised to find he managed to board two flights while carrying a large knife in his rucksack.

Andreas Persson had taken the 22 centimetre-long knife with him on a fishing trip last summer and had completely forgotten to take it out of his bag.

And, last week, he managed to take the knife on a flight from Östersund-Åre airport in northwest Sweden to Stockholm.

He even managed to board his return flight home at Stockholm's Arlanda airport while still carrying the knife a few days later.

According to, he said: "You wonder how often security checkpoints make serious mistakes like this," adding that there must be something "seriously wrong" if his knife made it on board two consecutive flights without being detected.

A spokesman for Arlanda airport said it was not aware of the incident, but that it would be investigated if a formal complaint was filed.

Back in April, a man who was found to be carrying a hunting knife and an air pistol on a Ryanair flight was jailed for a year.

Nerijus Stankaitis, 26, boarded a flight at Liverpool for the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius on 4 December 2012 when he had to be removed after becoming disruptive.

After searching his luggage, police then found a large knife and a Gamo CO2 powered air pistol, according to the report in the Liverpool Echo.

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