Oops! Huge jumbo jet stuck after landing at wrong airport


An enormous jumbo jet is reportedly stuck after landing at the wrong airport in Kansas.

The Atlas Air cargo plane was due to fly from New York's John F Kennedy airport to the McConnell Air Force Base. But the plane mistakenly landed at the tiny Jabara Airport nearby in Wichita instead.

USA Today reports the McConnell control tower gave clearance for landing, but the Dreamlifter pilots were heard saying on an audio: "Ahh, yes sir, we just landed at the other airport."

Local news reports suggest the modified Boeing 747 plane is now stuck - as the airfield where it landed is around 1,000ft too short for the huge plane to take off.

The Boeing 747 Dreamlifter cargo plane had the capacity for 66 passengers, but is now used to haul major assembly parts for other planes.

The BBC reports that the aircraft normally needs a runway of 9,119ft to get airborne at maximum weight, but Jabara's runway is only 6,101ft long.

According to the Independent, Boeing said in a statement: "A Dreamlifter bound for McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita safely landed this evening at nearby Col. James Jabara Airport instead. We are working to determine next steps."

The City of Wichita has been keeping locals updated on its Twitter page, informing them of the incident:

They also say the plane is set to attempt to take off at noon local time, despite the short runway:
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