Stranded Frenchman refused by BA and Eurostar gets home at last with P&O Ferries


A 35-stone Frenchman who was left stranded in Britain after he was told he was too fat to fly or travel by train back to France has taken the ferry home.

The Daily Mail reports that Kevin Chenais, 22, took a specialist ambulance on P&O Ferries from Dover to Calais on Wednesday.

A P&O Ferries spokesman said: "He did travel as planned on the Spirit of Britain at 4.40pm and the ship arrived in France on schedule."

The Sun reports that Chenais and his family continued their journey to their home town of Ferney-Voltaire in south-eastern France by ambulance.

Kevin Chenais, 32, had been trying to get home to France after visiting America to receive treatment for a hormonal imbalance.

BA refused to fly him because he was "too heavy", but he made it back to the UK when Virgin Atlantic agreed to fly him in from New York.

The airline even paid for his flight, along with his parents'.

Eurostar refused to take him, saying it would breach its evacuation procedure regulations.

15 flights from hell

15 flights from hell

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