Woman in kimono races Komodo dragon - but who wins?


A Japanese celebrity wearing a kimono attached a piece of meat to her dress before taking off in front of a Komodo dragon in a dangerous television stunt.

Ayako Imoto, 27, was filmed running as the deadly animal chased after the raw meat tied to the back of her dress.

As the giant lizard gains speed, she runs straight into the production team capturing the stunt and handlers are forced to stop the creature using big sticks.

Kotaku reports that it's not the first time Imoto has run from a Komodo dragon as she pulled the same stunt a few years ago wearing a school uniform.

She travels around the world doing risky stunts for her wildlife segment on a Japanese TV show. In the past she has wrestled alligators, raced cheetahs and handled the deadliest predators.

Komodo dragons are the largest lizards in the world and have been known to kill and eat humans. Komodo dragons are native to the islands of Indonesia, with adult males weighing over 100kg and exceeding three metres in length.

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