32-stone man refused flight with BA now turned away by Eurostar


A 32-stone French man who was left stranded in the US after British Airways refused to fly him to the UK has made it to Britain - but has now been turned down by Eurostar.

Kevin Chenais, 32, has been trying to get home to France after visiting America to receive treatment for a hormonal imbalance.

BA refused to fly him because he was "too heavy", but he made it back to the UK when Virgin Atlantic agreed to fly him in from New York.

The airline even paid for his flight, along with his parents'. He praised Virgin for their generosity, but described the flight as "terrible, terrible, terrible", saying he cried most of the way.

According to Sky News, he said: "That was very kind of them, but I was very uncomfortable. I have a lot of problems with the skin on my thighs and the seat was small."

He arrived at Heathrow Airport on Tuesday afternoon hoping to travel on to Paris via the Eurostar.

But Eurostar have said taking him on board would breach their evacuation procedure regulations.

A Eurostar spokeswoman told the Metro: "His weight meant that we would not be able to take care of this person or be able to carry him to evacuate him."

Kevin and his family are currently staying at a hotel near St Pancras station, and are looking into other options, including ferries, to get back to their home town of Ferney-Voltaire, near the Swiss border.

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