Swedish ice hotel forced to install fire alarms

A couple pose for pictures after being married at the chapel of the ice hotel in Jukkasjaervi on January 9, 2009. Around 150 marriages happen at the chapel each winter. The chapel and ice hotel are temporary buildings since the structure of the chapel and of the ice hotel melts away in spring. AFP PHOTO/OLIVIER MORIN (Photo credit should read OLIVIER MORIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Sweden's world-famous ice hotel has been ordered to fit fire alarms, even though it is made completely out of frozen water.

The Ice Hotel was told by the National Housing Board that it would need to install the alarms.

Speaking to The Local, hotel spokeswoman Beatrice Karlsson said: "We were a little surprised when we found out.

"But we do understand. Safety is a primary concern for us. There are indeed things that can catch fire, like the reindeer skins, the mattresses, and the pillows."

The Ice Hotel is rebuilt from scratch every year and while it might sound bizarre that a hotel made of water needs to fit fire alarms, every new building has to abide by the rules set by the National Housing Board.

Karlsson said that the new changes were just a matter of adaptation.

Sky News reports that the alarms were tested last winter with the local fire department.

The Ice Hotel will open for business this year in December and close in April.

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