Sticking together: Grasshopper love bugs look like twigs


horsehead grasshoppers mating

No one will be saying 'Why they long face?' to these love bugs - as two horsehead grasshoppers get a little cosy with each other.

The pair were caught with their arms around each other in a sequence of "dance moves".

Keen snapper Yvonne Spane, 42, loves taking pictures of insects and captured the bizarre moment in October.

Horsehead grasshoppers are kept as pets in many countries, and though they closely resemble stick insects, these bugs have extremely long and powerful legs that make them look like they are striking wacky dance moves.

The species - named after their long, horse-like faces - are known for their confused facial expressions and bulbous eyes.

Yvonne, from Friedrichsdorf near Frankfurt, Germany, told Caters News: "For about six months I've been working on a series called "Eye to Eye" in my free time - these photos are part of it.

"I'm trying to make pictures of insects like I would make them if they were humans. For this I'm always searching for new models, and the horsehead grasshopper was one of them.

"In this series I want to show the uniqueness, beauty and personality of those animals.

"Not many people really like insects - and I think, it's just because they don't know them. Through a macro lens I can show fascinating details, shapes and colours that are not visible for human eyes.

"Insects are too simple to be trained in any way, they are always just the way they are. I have to wait and learn about their behaviour and I have to be really calm and slow when I'm working with them."

World's strangest animals

World's strangest animals

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