Restaurant owner uses martial arts on thief who steals customer's phone


A throat cancer survivor and restaurateur used a Bruce Lee-style martial arts move on a thief after the man stole a customer's phone at his restaurant in Chicago.

Jason Chan, who is also a martial arts instructor, was at his Michelin-starred sushi restaurant Juno when he saw a man wearing scruffy clothing enter and remove his coat.

The man asked the barman for a pen and paper before speeding out of the door with regular customer Gary Wolske's iPhone 5.

Speaking to ABC Local, Chan said: "I was like, 'Did that guy just take your phone?' and then Gary said, 'Oh my God, he did, I don't have my phone,'"

Chan ran out of the restaurant after the culprit and got into his car to look for the man.

When he found him, he confronted Justin Ballog, 37, who threatened Chan with violence.

Chicago Sun-Times reports witnesses called police and Chan fought the man on the pavement.

"I put him in a manoeuvre called an arm bar and told him I would break his arm if he tried to get away," he said.

Police arrested Ballog and Chan filed a complaint.

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