Beach closed after huge great white shark knocks surfer off board


A beach in Perth, Australia, was closed on Tuesday after a huge four-metre great white shark knocked a surfer and his board half a metre into the air.

Shaun Daly, 19, was surfing 50m off Trigg Beach at around 3pm when he felt a bang from beneath him and saw the shark's "massive head".

He escaped injury during the incident and was lucky enough to catch a wave that took him back to shore, reports Yahoo News.

He alerted lifeguards about the incident and the Water Police and the Department of Fisheries are investigating.

The beach was temporarily closed while a search for the shark was under way, but was reopened again after it was not found.

According to the Perth Now, Mr Daly said of the shark: "It was massive, it was a big boy", adding: "It full on went for me, I would have been chomped fully, it full-on knocked me off my board... it was going for the kill."

Despite the scare, Mr Daly said he would get back in the water "tomorrow".

World's deadliest animals

World's deadliest animals

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