Police remove 100 revellers after rave on Torquay beach


Police were forced to clear around 100 partygoers from a rave on Torquay's Redgate Beach over the weekend.

According to Devon Local News, a police source said: "There was a rave on Redgate Beach overnight with about 100 people and 50 vehicles.

"We sent officers down and told them that their presence was not appreciated there and cleared them away."

Locals in the Wellswood area said they were kept awake by noise on an "industrial scale", adding that the Redgate and Ansteys Cove areas have become popular all-night party spots.

One resident told the Torquay Herald Express: "We were kept kept awake in Wellswood once again by music blasting out at 3am.

"It sounded like a party on an industrial scale with no thought at all for those of us trying to sleep.

"Last time this happened there were scores of kids on Ansteys Cove beach until 6am. They told the police it was a private 18th party - not very believable with the sheer number of cars in the car park."

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